where is God

where is God

I often wonder where God is.

I often don’t notice where God is.  

I often wonder who God is.

In Lawrence Kushner’s book, God was in this Place & I, I did not know, there’s a line that says, “God was here all along, and the reason I didn’t know it is because I was too busy paying attention to myself.”

As Jacob fell asleep and began dreaming, he awoke and said “Surely God was in this place and I, I did not know.”

I still have questions.

Where is God in tragedy?

Where is God in heartache?

But I also see God on a Cross.

I see God with the poor and broken.  

I see God in you.

I’ll keep asking questions till the day I die. 

But oftentimes, I don’t need to look to find Him. 

I just need to notice that He’s here.  

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a true voyage

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