gospel of the road

gospel of the road

There’s a broad road and there’s a narrow road.

There’s a choice.  

One is easy.  One is hard.

One is short.  One is long.

One is busy.  One is barren.

But only one has a destination worth going to.

Only one has a path of distinct footprints.

I believe there’s a nail print on the bottom of each step.

It’s not a glamorous path. 

In fact, the path is a bit bloody.  

It’s dark.  It’s lonely.  There are thorns along each step of the path.

But there’s something beautiful and mysterious about it.

There’s something that just feels right.

It’s painful but worth the pain.

It’s a sacrifice but worth every bit.

And there’s something at the other end of the path.

And there’s nothing that will stop me from seeing it.

I know there’s something. Something so beautiful that I have to invite you on this path with me.

It’s going to be hard.

But those footsteps. They’re there.  They’re showing me the way.  









gospel of deluded wanting

gospel of deluded wanting

gospel of the obvious

gospel of the obvious