giving up begets... giving up

giving up begets... giving up

“The professional has learned better.  He respects Resistance.  He knows if he caves in today, no matter how plausible the pretext, he’ll be twice as likely to cave in tomorrow.” – Steven Pressfield (The War of Art)

Have you ever gone to sleep late?

And then slept past your alarm?

And then doubled up on coffee?

And then went ahead and had that donut?

And then grabbed another coffee?

And then ate a bunch of gummy worms?

And then passed on your workout?

And then went back home feeling miserable?

And then turned on Netflix all while staring at your phone? 

I know it happens to me. I’ve learned that I can’t cave in. Cave in on one thing and that leads to caving in on another thing.  

If I fail, I’ve got to pick myself up immediately and get back on track.  Or before I know it I’ll be out of shape, have gained 10 pounds, and haven’t had a good night’s rest in weeks.  

Just as caving in begets caving in…

Getting a good night’s rest, leads to energy in the morning, willpower to skip on that desert, a healthy meal after a good workout, and a night of rest and reading.

Set things in motion and the momentum will carry you that way.

Because just as giving up begets giving up, determination begets determination.  

gospel of belief

gospel of belief

hiding place (Psalm 32:6-7)

hiding place (Psalm 32:6-7)