we want more.

we want more.

We want more.

We want it faster.

We want it cheaper.

And we can have all of those things.

But each also comes with a price.

Maybe it’s not a price that includes money but it’s a price of what kind of world we are each helping to create.

Are we creating what is right and just and fair and good?

Or are we creating what is fast and cheap and gives us excess?

I was listening to a podcast with Rob Bell and he asked a question that stuck with me, “Are you giving your energies to help create the kind of world that you don’t want to live in?”

Usually I don’t want to sit…

and wait…

…on what I’ve heard

…and what is stirring inside of me

…because I just want to get on to what’s next. And what’s next after that.

But I stopped and wrote this quote down. And I sat. And I contemplated. And I wrote a blog.

seeking glory

seeking glory

gospel of a kingdom

gospel of a kingdom