gospel of release

gospel of release

There I was.  I had never seen the sunlight.  In fact, I’d never been outside. 

I’d really never felt emotion.  Life was stale.  It was what it was. 

I didn’t mind what I had to offer, I just didn’t do much.  I was content to stay inside.

But something changed. 

I didn’t want anything to change.

But it did.

And so did I.

No longer could I stay inside. 

No longer could I wait.

No longer could I avoid feeling.  

I came to the surface.

I sat.

For just a moment.

And then I flooded down a smooth skin. 

I no longer had control.

But I was no longer stuck inside either.

I was free.

I was free to be me.

I was what I was created to be. 

I listened to the cry.  The sniffles. 

I felt heartache.

I was brushed aside by the wool sweater which I now held on to. 

And as I slowly faded from something wet to something dry…

I promised, I would never hide again. 

gospel of something beautiful

gospel of something beautiful

the sting of death

the sting of death